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By The Author 

The Healer of Guildenwood is the story of a young woman, Margaret Ann Shepherd, who finds herself in a unique predicament—having her soul “borrowed”, inexplicably “trekking” to a different world where it manifests in a different body with a new name, “Arwyn”. As she seeks to unravel the mystery behind her sudden appearance in a world where myth and magic are reality, her attempts to create a new life lead to adventure, intrigue, and danger.   It is a book that speaks to finding hope and purpose, even when one’s world turns topsy-turvy.

~~Mary E. Calvert is a former psychotherapist whose thirteen years of practice at a psychiatric hospital for adolescents prepared her to weave psychological complexity into her characters.

Currently a stay-at-home mom to three sons, she loves scrapbooking her family’s adventures, notably their sojourns in Atlanta, Denver, Italy, and currently the Midwest.