Student Books

Books are for the students enrolled in the DAS courses. Please pay for the books indicated by your teacher and complete the form with the shipping address.
USPS Flat rate shipping fee may change from time to time.

For adult classes:
Levels A – Nuovissimo Progetto Italiano 1 – Book and workbook (Levels A1 and A2)
Levels B – Nuovissimo Progetto Italiano 2 – Book and workbook (Levels B1 and B2)
Levels C – Nuovissimo Progetto Italiano 3 – Book and workbook (Levels C1 and C2)

Books and Workbook Payment
Book and Workbok for Adults
L’italiano per l’arte – Adults Class – L’italiano per l’arte $24.00
Progetto italiano JUNIOR (Youth) (Middle and HS Students)
USPS Flat Rate shipping
Total books