Author Urbano Salvati presented “The legend of a pumpkin house,” a delightful and timely story representing a fairy tale for today’s world.
The story begins with a retired couple, Mr. and Mrs. Fiorina, giving the neighborhood children a special Halloween party with many pumpkin decorations. In the midst of the fun, someone suggests they should create a real pumpkin house. The Fiorinas are overwhelmed by the generosity of their neighbors, who make the Pumpkin House a reality.
The Fiorinas realize that the kindness displayed by everyone made the Pumpkin House a place where kindness lives. And so it is that the Pumpkin House grows from town to town, eliciting kindness and happiness everywhere.
In his heart, the author cultivates the beauty of a smile, the gentleness of a kind soul, and the pristine love that makes us all human.

Born in Italy, Urbano Salvati currently resides in Las Vegas. Having worked as a chef and culinary educator for 40 years, he now delights readers with his creative storytelling. He believes that true happiness comes from love and from good food. “I have always dreamed of beautifully written prose that will elicit in readers all of the best that our heart can produce.”