First  Italian National Sport Day 2018
The conference was held on June 1, 2018 at Wayne State University 

The Importance of Good Nutrition and Exercise on Physical Performance, Health and Well-Being
An audience/interactive symposium to draw attention to the importance of healthy life habits on both physical and mental well-being.
-Diane Cress, RD, PhD – Associate Professor, Nutrition and Food Science, Wayne State University
“Overview of the Role of Nutrition and Exercise on Athletic Performance and Well-being”.
Diane is a professor of Nutrition at Wayne State, and teaches a course called Nutrition and Physical Performance. She will talk with you about some of the important nutritional considerations for both athletes and casual exerciser as well. She will discuss the importance of both in determining longevity and health. Expect an interactive discussion, and come with questions.

-Lisa McDowell MS RD CNSD CSNC
Team Dietitian for Detroit Red Wings, Olympic, Professional, Collegiate and recreational sports nutrition consulting
“Powering Performance: Sports Nutrition Fundamentals”
Lisa is an engaging and energetic speaker on nutrition and sports, and has years of experience working with athletes in many different sports. She will provide you with stories about how her work with athletes impacts their performance and their health. And she will discuss practical information on how to eat healthfully both to improve your performance and to promote good health. Bring your own questions for a question and answer session.

– Michael Chan, MS, AT, ATC, PES
Head Athletic Trainer, Wayne State University
“Collegiate Athletic Training—Health Care for Student Athletes”.
Mike is responsible for all aspects of the sports medicine program at Wayne State, including preventative training, first aid, injury management, and rehabilitation. He will discuss the role of athletic training on injury prevention and on performance. He will also talk about dietary supplements and ergogenic aids used by athletes and their associated risks and benefits. He will field questions from both the athletes and the weekend-warriors in the audience.