Detroit Launch of Project DETUR “Detroit-Turin Exchange”

Photographic Exhibition and Documentary

A photographic exhibition by Richard Haskin of Dearborn, and a related documentary by Pierette Simpson of Novi, are the catalyst for launching “Detroit-Turin Exchange” in the U.S. DETUR (for short) is an international project aimed at creating cultural bridges for artists of Detroit and its sister city, Turin, Italy. The October event segues the international launch in Turin during June and July. The exhibition and documentary highlight Detroit and Turin’s exceptional artists of various genres: visual arts, music, literature, cinema, and jewelry making.

Dearborn, MI – Friday, October 17 marks Detroit’s premier showing of Richard Haskin’s photographic exhibition, “Art Within Art: From Italy to Detroit and Vice Versa”. The photographic exhibition is accompanied by a documentary created by Novi author, Pierette Simpson.

The exhibition will be open free to the public thru October 30 at the Rotunda Gallery of the Henry Ford Centennial Library of Dearborn, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. It includes refreshments and music by DETUR artists, Heidi Hepler & Michele Ramo Voice & 8 String Guitar Duo. Other artists featured in the exhibition and documentary will be present to discuss their work.

Simpson explains how the exhibition is a model for project DETUR’s format. “Turin’s art curator, Loretta Del Ponte, proposed the idea for “Art Within Art: From Italy to Detroit and Vice Versa” to Haskin. It was presented overseas in June-July, and now it is being presented here as a cultural exchange and possible stepping stone to more artistic collaborations.”

Del Ponte describes Haskin’s solo exhibition as “Rare visual conversations with Italian American artists of various genres in Michigan, documented via a photographic and cinematographic objective”. Interviewees include Detroit Institute of Arts (D.I.A.) curator, Alan Darr; sculptor Sergio De Giusti; Michigan Opera Theatre founder and creative director, David DiChiera; and art professor/painter, Rick Vian. Italian masterpieces from the D.I.A.’s collection enhance the exhibition.

Project DETUR was founded by Simpson and Haskin. It mirrors the Fiat-Chrysler merger between two automobile cities. Like FCA, DETUR intends to provide a larger platform for local artists. Haskin explains how it will help young people. “My son, Nik, filmed Pierette’s documentary. He also created a short film on Detroit Street Art, which was shown at an art center in Turin called LungoTavolo45. He has now been discovered overseas as a Detroit videographer…We want DETUR to play a role in Detroit’s rebirth and hope it will also create jobs in related industries such as travel and tourism, and gastronomy.

The exhibition, “Art Within Art: From Italy to Detroit and Vice Versa”, is held in conjunction with the Dearborn Community Arts Council. It is endorsed by the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Italian Consulate of Detroit, and the Dante Alighieri Society of Michigan. The latter will hold a mini-exhibition of Haskin’s works as part of their 90th anniversary celebrations in November.

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