XXI Week of Italian Language

Dante Alighieri Society of Michigan presented:
“The Evolution of the Romantic Poem”, by Erika Caturegli
During this Anno Dantesco, Dante Alighieri of Michigan explored Dante’s poetry before the creation of the Divine Comedy by selecting poems in which he talks about his beloved Beatrice. In this retrospective in honor of the Settimana della Lingua, we will look at how the trend of love sonnets was born and analyze selected poems together.

“IL POSTO DEGLI UOMINI“, Dante in Purgatorio dove andremo tutti
A book presentation with the author Aldo Cazzullo from Italy.

For Dante’s 700th anniversary of his death, Mondadori released the sequel to “A riveder le Stelle” by Aldo Cazzullo, to pay homage to the “Poet who invented Italy” continuing on the journey of the Divine Comedy through Purgatory, with his new book Il Posto degli uomini. Purgatory is the place that divides Heaven and Hell, a frontier to God suspended in time as one approaches salvation. For this reason, Purgatory is the expectation of happiness, the place that Dante goes through in the company of Virgil in search of freedom from sin and suffering, but above all, from the fear of death.

Dante is the poet who invented Italy. He didn’t just give us a language, he gave us above all an idea of ourselves and of our country: “Il Bel Paese”. A land united by culture and beauty, destined for a universal role: because it collects the legacy of the Roman Empire and the classical world, and is the cradle of Christianity and humanism. Italy is not born of a war or diplomacy, it is born from Dante’s verses… (“A riveder le stelle”)
Aldo Cazzullo is a journalist and writer.
He his a special correspondent and columnist at Il Corriere della Sera. His books on Italy, published by Mondadori, have sold more than a million copies. “A riveder le stelle“, Dante il poeta che inventò l’Italia, sold 250,000 copies.

“The Circolo italiano and students of Italian at Wayne State University created a humorous vlog: “Vlogging with Dante: A Day in Dante’s Life”. The vlog will follow the Sommo Poeta during his daily routine and his meetings with Petrarca and Boccaccio, among others!”

Grand Valley State University
Italian Program,Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

“Dante’s gems”
GVSU Students of Italian discussing some of Dante’s quotes and their relevance to our modern society.