Italian for Adults

Group classes from Beginner to Advanced Conversation
Tuition Rates: DAS Members  $210 (15 hours – 10 sessions).
Non-Members  is $230 (15 hours – 10 sessions). 
Do you want the reduced rate? Then, become a DAS Member.

DAS also offers:
-Private Italian tutoring programs with one-to-one classes.
The tuition fee for the 1:1 lesson is $45.00/hour.
5 sessions and up is $40.00/hour
The tuition fee for 1:2 lesson is $65/hour
5 session and up is $60/hour

-A language class for intermediate-advanced students who would like to learn more about Italian cooking. (10 sessions-15 hours)
-History of Art Classes (In Italian, for Advanced students) (5 sessions – 10 hours)