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I’m Silvia, I was born and raised in Italy, and I have been living in the United States since 2017. I have a master’s degree in computer engineering, and during my university studies, I had the opportunity to study for seven months in the Netherlands. There, I noticed how even young foreigners are curious about Italy for many reasons. Thanks to my two greatest passions, Italian cuisine, and pastry, I have always introduced and intrigued my friends with the various Italian culinary traditions. Some have become interested in Italian, starting from the terms used in the kitchen. So, I decided to teach Italian in beginner courses because I am convinced that knowing the Italian language is an excellent way to approach our culture and history. I always try to transmit my passion for my mother tongue and my passion for Italian culture and food and introduce many beautiful Italian cities rich in history, often unknown to foreign tourists. I hope to inspire my students to improve their Italian and discover all Italy offers.

  • Education
    Master's degree in computer engineering
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    3 years