On May 19 DAS hosted a special Caffè & Cultura with Santa Fabio.

Santa Fabio is a professional photographer in the Detroit area who specializes in people and journalistic projects for corporations and magazines. A second generation Italian, Ms. Fabio will shared the love and passion she has for the people and family she has met and photographed in a small Sicilian village.

“I am very passionate about this project for it has helped me grow as a photographer and as a person. It connected me to a world I knew nothing about. I may not be able to attend birthday parties or holiday get-togethers with my family, but at least I have the images I’ve taken to remind me of them.
When I set foot in Mandanici, I become part of the town. The photographs I have taken, and will continue to take as long as I am able, will be the living legacy of the village that nurtured and raised my family.
The book “Il Paese Del Mio Cuore” (“The Town That Stole My Heart”)  is a project that has been over thirty years in the making. It is the legacy I want to leave them, for without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

Santa talked about her 40+ years in the business and displayed a small part of her library of black and white images from this project.