Day One of LoveITDetroit

LoveITDetroit launched on September 1. This year’s installation once again showcases the Made in Italy vision, highlighting how Italian companies have embarked on a path toward sustainability, integrating this approach with the essence of the Made in Italy. The exhibit features wooden statues by Willy Matthias, and Christian Verginers, glass pieces by Chiara Tairiol, David Salvadore, Marco and Matia Salvadore, and Stephen Powell. Textile materials from Dolcevita, Orange Fiber, and Rada, obtained from recycled materials (cotton, orange waste, and plastic collected from the oceans) are on display.

In the evening, we hosted the Launch Party for Detroit Month of Design. Six Detroit artists, including Hubert Massey, Sydney James, Mike Han, Elton Monroy, Adnan Charara, and Enna Di Dio, painted Kartell chairs that will be exhibited the entire month and auctioned off for charity. This evening was dedicated to the ecological transition of Kartell, which will celebrate 20 years of Phillipe Starck’s “Louis Ghost” chair (60% less polluting today than its initial version) and the “Rechair” model (completely made with recycled Illy capsules).

~~Sandra Tornberg