For the Love of Italy. For the Love of Detroit. For the Love of Design!

The second edition of LoveITDetroit started September 1st: a month-long installation; in-person events; our metaspace 3.0, and so much more. 

Launch location for the Detroit Month of Design crawl, where visitors  viewed the installation and love painting from some of the best living artists in Detroit. Taking the theme “United by Design” to another level, with six artists, Hubert Massey and Sydney James, Mike Han, Elton Monroy, Adnan Charara, and Enna Di Dio, representing the communities that made this city great!

Brought to you by the collaboration between the Consulate of Italy and the Detroit Month of Design, the 30-day exhibit at 1001 Woodward Avenue, where we experienced the BEST of Global Industry Leaders from both Italy and Detroit: Artists, Innovators, Designers, Architects, Engineers, Brands, Influencers, and more. 

Showcasing all the BEST in Sustainability, Education, Design, Robotics and other topics.


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