Language Program

LEVELS A  | (A1 Beg.- A2 Elem.) Beginning/Elementary Italian 

Level A1
Beginning Italian – Initial contact: A1.1 / A1.2 / A1.3 / A1.4 (80 hours: 4 sessions of 20 hours) 

LIBRO —— NUOVISSIMO Progetto Italiano 1 – Unità 1-5 (Edilingua-Idee)

Course objectives:

  1. Greetings, introducing yourself and others, asking and giving personal information; talking about family; identifying things and people using affirmative, negative, and interrogative structures; a formal and informal way of addressing nationalities, jobs, and professions, numbers 1-100, days of the week, months.
  2. Describing yourself, people, objects, and cities; talking about your family; understanding and asking for directions; famous Italian monuments and museums; transportation; a typical Italian family day.
  3. Saying what you can do/you want to do/you can do; asking and telling the time; talking about your past holidays; talking about months and seasons; saying your likes and dislikes; asking for information and booking a flight/ a tour and a table at the restaurant.
    Italian culture and customs:
  4. Fashion; Italian designers; Italian geography and the most significant cities; the Italian house; famous Italian places; the beauty of the Italian landscape.

Grammatical structures:

  1. Gender and number of Italian nouns and adjectives (feminine, masculine, singular, plural), definitive and indefinite articles, some prepositions (di, a, da, in), present tense of Essere (to be) and Avere (to have), present tense of the 1st. Conjugation verbs in -are (regular verbs).
  2. Possessive, demonstrative, and interrogative adjectives; present tense of 2nd. Conjugation verbs in – ere and 3rd. Conjugation verbs in -ire (regular and irregular); use of”vorre” (I would like); prepositions of place.
  3. Present tense and present perfect of reflexive and reciprocal; present tense of modal verbs (can be able to, to want), prepositions, present perfect of regular and irregular verbs, frequency adverbs, the verb”iacere””  to like), direct pronouns, partitives, indefinite adjectives.

Level A2
Elementary Italian – Survival: A2.1 / A2.2 / A2.3 / A2.4 (80 hours: 4 sessions of 20 hours)

LIBRO —— NUOVISSIMO Progetto Italiano 1 – Unità 6-11 (Edilingua-Idee)

Course objectives:
In this course, the students will have a review of grammar and topic contents learned in level A1. They will reach a better and more profound grasp of the Italian language’s grammar and syntax, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions. The course will enable them to master the linguistic competence to support opinions and discuss customs and traditions, Italian lifestyle, and made-in-Italy products.

Communicative goals:
Saying your job and describing your job; looking for a part-time/full-time job; describing the Italian lifestyle; describing Italian regions and arranging a holiday to Italy; buying typical Italian products.

Grammatical structures:
Nouns, adjectives, regular and irregulallanguage’sticles, prepositions, pronouns.

Italian culture and customs:
The Italian lifestyle; the job situation in Italy; Italian products, Italian cities, and traditions. 

LEVELS B (Total hours 220 to complete levels B1- B2) Intermediate/Fundamental Italian

Intermediate Italian  – Threshold  B1.1 / B1.2 / B1-3 / B1.4 / B1-5 / B1-6 / B1.7
(140 hours: 7 sessions of 20 hours)

LIBRO ——NUOVISSIMO Progetto Italiano 2 – Unità 1-5

Course objectives:
The aim of this course is to offer a deeper insight into the grammatical structures and to improve students’ oral and written communication skills; students will learn to make inquiries about practices and personal documents, and will be able to discuss differences between the modern and past Italian society. They will discuss plans, forecasts, promises, wishes, and probabilities.

Communicative goals:

● Talking about past habits, describing past situations and events, comparing past and present, express emotions.

● Put the facts with each other, and draw conclusions.

● Being able to express themselves using conditions related to the past/the present and the future, expressing wishes, discussing possibilities and opportunities, making hypotheses, talking about probabilities, and describing future programs.

● Convince, encourage, and give advice.

● Express an opinion, object, and defend a point of view.

Grammatical structures:
Review the indicative tenses- present, present perfect; imperfect; past absolute; future; current and past conditional tenses; prepositions; relative pronouns; combined pronouns.

Italian culture and customs:
Festivals and celebrations; music and traditions; famous Italian products; history and archeology.

Fundamental Italian – student’ss2.1 /B2.2 / B2.3 / B2.4 (80 hours – 4 sessions)

LIBRO ——NUOVISSIMO Progetto Italiano 2 – Unità 6-11 – (Edilingua-Idee-extra)

Course objectives:
The course aims to lead students to become independent learners who can master the Italian language and interact fluently and spontaneously with native speakers without strain on either party. With more vital verbal and linguistic skills, they will easily fit in the Italian environment, travel, or stay in Italy. The students will acquire the fluency to describe appropriately different places, people, needs, and moods, and their conversation will become more complete.

Communicative goals:

● Understand the main ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics;

● Understand speeches of various lengths and follow even complex arguments, including technical discussions in their field of specialization;

● Produce explicit, detailed texts on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on issues by giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options;

● Become able to read literary text and news from newspapers, magazines, and the web;

● Be able to work on extracts from TV shows, commercials, and films in standard Italian;

● Acquire the ability to produce precise, detailed descriptions of a wide range of cultural topics and current events of interest to them.

Grammatical structures:

Review all indicative tenses and conditional tense; subjunctive tenses (present and imperfect), dependent and independent sentences.

Italian culture and customs:

Italian language today; famous poets and writers; Italian history in the 1900s.

LEVELS C (Total hours 220 to complete levels C1- C2) Advanced/Professional Italian

Advanced Italian – Efficacy:  C1.1 / C1.-2 / C1.3 / C1.4 / C1.5 / C1.6 / C1.7
(140 hours – 7 sessions of 20 hours)

LIBRO ——NUOVISSIMO Progetto Italiano 3 – Unità 1-15
– Materiale aggiuntivo: video, TV, Musica, Viaggi, vita quotidiana etc…lettura e ascolto

Course objectives:
Enhance students’ conversation skills as well their knowledge of the Italian culture and lifestyle. Deepening the lexical, grammatical, and syntactic aspects of the Italian language.

Communicative goals:

● Be able to talk about all aspects of Italian history, politics, economics, design, cinema and society, food, nutrition, and drinks.

● Express your opinion on different habits in Italy and your country.

● Be able to choose the most suitable language functions to speak and maintain a conversation on the above topics and express your point of view by using a language that is appropriate and efficient for communicative purposes.

● Be able to write clear and well-structured texts using different registers according to the communicative situation (social relations, work, study, etc.).

Grammatical structures:
Review of grammatical structures learned over the previous modules.

Italian culture and customs:
Politics; history; industry; Italy and Europe; literature and arts; food and the Mediterranean diet; drinks; lifestyle.

Professional Italian – Mastery   C2.1 / C2.2 / C2.3 / C2.4 (80 hours –  4 sessions)

LIBRO ——NUOVISSIMO Progetto Italiano 3 – Unità 16-30