Saturday, March 9, 2024 @ 6:00 PM (Open doors)

The program starts at 6:30 PM.

The Best Italian Comedy presented by the Dante Alighieri Society of Michigan, supported by the Consulate of Italy in Detroit through our ongoing project LoveITDetroit.

The performance will display English supertitles.

Where: Marygrove Conservancy and Liberal Arts Theater
8425 W. McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48221

Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis by row, left, central, right main, and mezzanine/balcony floor.       SOLD OUT!

A History of Neapolitan Drama in the Twentieth Century

Marquis Eugenio, in love with Gemma, the daughter of an enriched cook, convinces Felice and Pasquale, two penniless friends, to play the part of his aristocratic relatives in Gemma’s house. This pretense is necessary as Gemma’s father won’t allow her to marry Eugenio without first meeting his parents, and the young Marquis knows that his real parents won’t accept his relationship. Gags, twists, and turns will follow continuously throughout the play as the fake parents do their best to appear as nobles. The exposure of the plan is lurking, but in the end, everything goes better than even expected.

Behind this performance’s scenes is the work and the precious contribution of a (very) amateur cast.
To realize this play, the work of a close-knit team of funny, dedicated, and passionate friends is fundamental. The cast and the production work tirelessly together to make Miseria e Nobiltà a fun moment in our Detroit life.
A special thank you to our families for their support!

Felice: Giovanni Mastrangelo
Pasquale: Massimo Risi
Gaetano: Fortunato Cappelleri
Concetta: Lia Adelfi
Eugenio: Miro Marcelli
Luisella: Mena Abagnale
Gioacchino: Tonino Corsetti
Vincenzo: Mario Sancineto
Ottavio: Pierluigi Erbaggio
Pupella: Anna Pedalino
Bettina: Sandra Marinelli
Luigino: Massimo Fulfaro
Peppeniello: Riccardo Aloi
Gemma: Erika Caturegli
Biagina: Sandra Tornberg
Customer: Marco Piovesan
Passer-by: Ryan Newcom
Waiter 1: Gianluca Di Stefano
Waiter 2: Pierluigi Lantieri

Regia: Massimo Risi
Costumes/Scenography/Light & Sounds/Supertitles:
L. Adelfi, G. Cataldo, E. Caturegli, G. Mastrangelo, G. Di Stefano, P. Erbaggio, D. Henderson, A. Risi, F. Risi, M. Hopper.