Who’s eligible?
You must be between 18 and 25. You must be a candidate that was accepted in earlier VoluntarItaly program. 
You have shared some past VoluntarItaly activities on our social media.
Please note that it is not guaranteed that you will be assigned to the same hosting family or camp. Do NOIT contact the Oratori or your former family. Thank YOU!

Please note that if you choose to partecipate for the 6 weeks program (3+3) it is possible that for the last 3 weeks you could will be placed with a different hosting family. A week-long excursion in the mountains with the group is an integral part of the 6-weeks-long option.
This form is for a candidate who was accepted in earlier program. IF YOU ARE E NEW CANDIDATE PLEASE FILL THE FORM ON THE VOLUNTARITALY PAGE
You must be a college student between 18 and 25
Required for Insurance purposes.

Emergency Contact

Please note that we will take in consideration any feedback received by the Oratori and hosting family.