Level A2 Elementary/Survival (BH)

~~LEVEL A2~~
(80 hours in 4 sessions to complete A2 level)

Books to buy at DAS:
Nuovissimo Progetto Italiano 1 – Book and workbook (To be used from Level A1.1 to A2.4)

A2 level has 4 sessions of 20 hours each:  A2.1 – A2.2 – A2.3 – A2.4
Cost: Each session of 20 hours is $240 DAS Members – $280 Non members (Online Rates)

NOTE: A course can/should be repeated if a level is not reached.

Tuition Rates:
(20 hours in 13 classes of 90 minutes).
DAS Members  $240  – Non-Members  is $280 
Do you want the reduced rate? Then, become a DAS Member.
Refund Policy: A full refund will be made if a course does not start.
No refunds will be made after the course has started.