Magic Italian

Magic Italian is a learning project for children ages 3-10 divided in 3 laboratories. MagiFiaba, MagiAvventura, and MagiArte.

MagiFiaba reading lab, for children ages 3-5
The purpose of this monthly lab is to help children learn or consolidate the Italian language through animated reading of fairy tales. This is a fun and educational opportunity to approach Italian language together with the help of our readers.  Children aged 3-5, with or without Italian language skills, in the 45 minutes are involved through the reading of fairy tales, songs or nursery rhymes and artistic activities or manipulation.

MagiAvventura,  for children ages 6-8
Through the reading of stories and legends, interactive games, and practical projects, children will discover the cities, works and places that make Italy magical.

Virtual Arte Art lab, for children ages 10-11 click here

Register for the children lab of your choice, at least 5 days in advance, to reserve your child’s spot.
Of course, we will do our very best to accommodate as many children as allowed, but for practical reasons we will have to respect the limits set by the workshop leaders.
Therefore registration will be closed when a maximum number of children is reached.

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