Italian for Adults | Bloomfield Hills

New morning and evening classes and sessions will be added  to the schedule continuously.
Registration is required in advance by 1st day of class or $20.00 late Registration Fee will be applied.
Refunds Policy: A full refund will be made if a course does not start.
No refunds will be made after the course has started.

Class location: 4050 West Maple Road, Ste #250 – Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301


~~Italian for Tourists: A course for tourists that allows  in a short time, effortlessly and intuitively to learn to juggle the main communication situations.  Register Here!

~~~Parla Come Mangi: Expand your Italian food vocabulary! With this class you will improve your grammar knowledge while learning about traditional recipes, curiosities, proverbs and idioms of Italy. Register Here!

Italian program structure:
Elementary Italian (Total hours 110)
A1 –  Beginning Italian – Initial contact (55 class hours )
A2 –  Elementary Italian – Survival  (55 class hours)
Intermediate Italian  (Total hours 165)
B1 – Intermediate Italian  – Threshold  (110 class hours)
B2 – Fundamental Italian – Progress (55 class hours)
Advanced Italian (Total hours 165)
C1 – Advanced Italian – Efficacy (110 class hours)
C2 – Professional Italian – Mastery (55 class hours)

NOTE:  A course can/should be repeated if a level is not reached.

~~Group classes from Beginner to Advanced Conversation (Levels A1 to C2) — Tuition Rates: DAS Members $210 (15 hours-10 sessions). Non-Members $230 (15 hours-10 sessions). Do you want the reduced rate? Then, become a DAS Member.

NEW MORNING CLASSES – 10 weeks, 15 hours

NEW EVENING CLASSES – 10 weeks, 15 hours (6:30-8:00pm)

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