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Terravecchia (CS) Castel Belvedere Marittimo, Photo by Daniele Muscetta Librandi vineyards near Cirò Marina

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Ancora un altro successo per l' Italian Film Festival di Detroit con la presenza di circa 1600 spettatori. Rispetto agli anni scorsi si sono aggiunte due nuove sedi, Henry Ford College e il Centro Macomb. L'epertuta del Festival si è tenuta come ogni anno al Detroit Film Theatre presso il Detroit Institute of Arts.

La Dante Alighieri Society del Michigan ha sponsorizzato l'apertura del Festival con la proiezione del film "BAARÌA" di Giuseppe Tornatore

Valerio Massimo Manfredi- Italian Author, Historian, and Archeologist, Creates History at Dante Alighieri Society Event

"Even right now we are creating history. History is man's attempt to build a common memory of mankind. Memory becomes identity, and no one can live without identity. Without memory, an individual, a community, or even a nation would become unstable."
Professor Manfredi, an international best-selling author, captivated his audience as he spoke of history and the art of storytelling. "History is a long term investment;" explains Manfredi." Its importance is that it is at the base of everything; it is our foundation."
The distinguished guest also recited from memory a long passage from Dante, and read captivating passages from his latest novel, “The Ides of March”.
Mr. Manfredi has published fifteen books; his trilogy series, “Alexander”, has been translated into twenty-four languages; “The Last Legion”, was made into a film, starring Colin Firth and Sir Ben Kingsley.
At the invitation of the Dante Alighieri Society- Michigan Chapter, the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham was Manfredi’s first speaking engagement of his American tour.
-Richard Haskin

Festa della Befana 2010
Ann Arbor
The Befana, once again, directed the handle of her magic broom to Ann Arbor, this time to find an assistant. The children could play and enjoy various activities while awaiting her arrival. There were many questions for the Befana! The children wanted to make sure that their relatives in Italy had also received their socks.  But before opening the bag, the Befana wanted to start a race to find an assistant.
A drum roll welcomed the two Befanas and three Befanas participated and children overwhelmingly chose the Befana Giovi! With the help of Befana Giovi our dear old Befana distributed stockings filled with Italian delicacies (even Nutella !!!!). It was a nice afternoon together, to celebrate one of the best Italian traditions.
Festa della Befana 2010 Giovanna Cappi

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